A Simple Thank You

More than manners, a simple ‘thank you’ can turn your whole life around.

There were ten people diseased with lepresy who called on Jesus for His mercy. Jesus healed all ten. Only one returned to Jesus to say thank you. ✝️Luke 17:11-19

Leperosy is a disease that according to the Centers for Disease Cobtrol (CDC), is Hansen’s disease...an infection caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae. It can affect the nerves, skin, eyes, and lining of the nose (nasal mucosa).  If left untreated, the nerve damage can result in crippling of hands and feet, paralysis, and blindness.  Some symptoms of the disease are

  • Discolored patches of skin, usually flat, that may be numb and look faded (lighter than the skin around)
  • Growths (nodules) on the skin
  • Thick, stiff or dry skin
  • Painless ulcers on the soles of feet
  • Painless swelling or lumps on the face or earlobes
  • Loss of eyebrows or eyelashes

People with leprosy then were exiled and banished from living with the local population. They were socially ousted from society.  Now, take a moment to realize they didn’t have the technology or medicine we have to treat this disease today.  When they saw Jesus, the lepers cried out for help. 

We want our blessings coming a particular way, but Jesus always has other plans.  We think a blessings is coming by this person but it actually comes from a complete stranger.  Jesus remained the same, telling them to go show themselves to the priests. I’m sure they were at first looking like what? But as they went, as they walked, they were cleansed.  

The one that returned to give God thanks and glory, he made it a point to have an undignified praise to the Lord. He was loud!  He was not shy about giving Jesus the credit! Because of this return to say thanks,  he was not only healed, he was made whole.  His life was restored and preserved.   

The other nine had Jesus looking like really?  I just healed them and they can’t say thanks?  Wow.  

Don’t be to big or too blessed that you forget to give thanks. What are you thanking Jesus for today?

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