Encourage Yourself

Sometimes you just have to encourage yourself. Jesus had haters and He said if they don’t receive you, just shake the dust off your feet and move on. Matthew 10:13-14.  

Not everyone has a spouse, family or friends that support. A smile in the front, a stab in the back. Small beginnings or lessons learned. The deal that fell through. It’s painful. It will hurt. It can be embarrassing.

A man in the Bible named David was going through a very difficult time and against all the opposition he faced, he decided to encourage himself in the Lord. 1 Samuel 30:6

Life will happen. Trouble will come, so encourage yourself. Don’t just encourage everyone else, be your own cheerleader and pep squad. Remind your problem how big your God is, remind yourself how awesome are and keep it moving!

What does encouraging yourself look like? 

Stickys.  Yep.  Buy a package of stickys in your favorite color or get the rainbow pack and flatter yourself with writing; "I am gorgeous," "I am fabulous," " Girl, you will get through this!" "God will perfect everything that concerns me." I'm sure you get the picture, but put the stickys in known visible places...the bathroom mirror, the steering wheel, the refrigerator.  

Another avenue to encourage yourself is to write yourself an old school letter and mail it to yourself or send yourself an email.  If you decide to email yourself, make sure you date the email for later so you'll get it in the future unexpectedly.  

Prayer.  If you decide to pray, pray the Word of God.  However, more than praying and speaking in English here, we're talking about praying in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.  Praying in the Spirit is an excellent way to edify and build up yourself in the Lord. 

What are some ways that you encourage yourself?

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