First Love

“God loves you” is more than a church slogan, it’s the truth.

He woke you up this morning in your right mind. God provides us sun, rain, wood from trees to build houses, pets that express unconditional love and all the flowers we enjoy (especially during holidays).

When He brings you the companion He made just for you or blessing your womb with a child to favoring you with that parking spot or bringing deliverance for a prayer, healing you or closing that door to protect you, it’s all because of His love for you.

More than any of that God so loved you and I that He gave His only Son that if we believe in Him, we would not perish but have everlasting life. ✝️John 3:16

The beautiful part is we didn’t have to do anything for His love, nor did we must have everything in place for God to love us. He accepts us as-is. This is why we love Him because He first loved us.

How will you express your love for God today?

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