Great Expectations

Are you expecting?

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. ✝️Psalm 62:5

Expectations can be dangerous or delightful.

Delightful expectations are those like a pregnancy reveal, getting ready for graduation, a wedding proposal, or someone in the family got saved.

Dangerous expectations are those that we only keep in our head or expect humans to do, but only God can perform.

We expect a best friend to keep a secret.
We expect people to keep their word.
We expect a check for our employment but what if it doesn’t happen?

Anything can happen as plans may falter, but our expectation of God should not. Humans disappoint, God does not.

Expect that when we trust God, He will direct our paths.
Expect in due time you will be exalted.
Expect Him to fight your battles.
Expect Him to never leave you.
Expect His word to be a light to your feet and lamp to your path.
Expect that God cannot lie.
Expect He will perfect all that concerns you.
Expect that His grace and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.
Expect God to trouble your trouble.
Expect that God is a refuge and strong tower.
Expect that when you call on the name of Jesus, He will save you and demons will flee.

What are you expecting? Who are you expecting it from?

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