Look Up

Shortly after the birth of Jesus, his parents took him to church for a baby dedication. A woman named Anna was there. Anna was 84 years a widow after only being married for 7 years. Despite her great loss, she never stopped going to church, and served God in worship with fasting and prayer. One day she looked up and saw baby Jesus being dedicated and gave thanks.

2020 has been a year of great loss, but in experiencing loss, like Anna that should not stop you from serving and worshipping God.

While we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we are sensitive to know not all are joyful. We pray you continue to worship Him and that one day you will look up like Anna and realize your redemption and restoration gift is here. His name is Jesus and He never left you. He is with you now, just look up. He was born just for you to heal, to comfort, to wipe tears, to redeem and restore.

✝️Luke 2:36-38

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