Me? Forgive Them?! Girl, Bye.

Please!  After what they did!  You said you would never forgive them.  We get it.  Hear us out.  No matter how painful or widespread or whether it happened 10 years ago or 10 minutes ago, we can forgive.

Forgiveness requires commitment.  To simply say you forgive them is not enough.  What if they do it again?  Jesus tells us we have to forgive them...again.  Now that’s grown folk level...spiritual maturity.

How many foul things have we done be it intentionally or just a simple mistake and God has forgiven us?  He didn’t get mad and up and snatch the air out of our bodies, he forgave when we weren’t even trying to love for him at all.

Forgiveness isn’t always easy, but it’s always possible. We have to remove the seed before it takes root.  Harboring it over in spirit and replaying it on repeat in the mind...let that go. We have to forgive.  When we don’t we feel this heaviness like a blanket.  It’s extra baggage we unnecessarily carry around like it’s cute.

Yes, we have a right to feel some type of way.  We have a right to feel anger and disappointment, however, we do not have a right to withhold forgiveness. Unforgiveness is too much power given to another human being. Walking around like that means you literally grant them the power to change your attitude, manipulate your mind, fill your heart with rage, sadness or depression whenever.  In fact unforgiveness is voluntarily saying yes to being oppressed.  

It takes faith to forgive.  Telling them off or getting revenge may bring a temporary relief in your flesh, but it will grieve the Holy Spirit.  We have to trust God and allow the Holy Spirit to be our comfort and help in forgiving others who have wronged us.  It’s going to take faith to forgive them.


You’re not going to forget what happened, but you must forgive what happened. What if they are dead and passed on?  Make the decision to forgive them.  
You don’t have entertain them or even confront them with the forgiveness, but you have to make a choice in your mind and heart to forgive them and move on with your life. 

Who do you need to forgive? 

Forgive readily.

Forgive quickly.

Forgive completely.

✝️Mark 11:25


Forgive even though they don’t deserve it.

Forgive because God forgave you.

Forgive so you can be free.

✝️2 Corinthians 2:7

✝️Matthew 6:12

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