Overshadowed by Glory

Has God ever met you in your kitchen? Have you ever been overshadowed by His glory driving in the car, cleaning the house or out shopping? It can literally bring you to your knees. You can hardly talk, you may have to pull over but oh, when His glory fills the temple...it’s beautiful, enthralling, unspeakable...

So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of the LORD.
✝️1 Kings 8:11

While the glory is no longer reserved just for priests in an inner court and we don’t have to wait outside a building for a Word from God, we are His dwelling place. We His people, those who have asked Jesus to be Lord and Savior are His temple. The glory resides in us! We have access any time we want.

The glory (cloud) was a divine symbolic presence of God for the children of Israel being a cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. Moses had to take His shoes off in the presence of glory. Mary was overshadowed by the glory and Jesus was conceived in her womb. The glory changed Paul from a murderer of Christians to a minister, an Apostle who wrote nearly the entire New Testament!

To witness the glory is majestic but to be filled and overshadowed with His glory is on a different level. When you experience it for yourself, your life will forever be changed and you never want to leave.

Have you been overshadowed by presence of the glory of God?

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