The Preservation in Pain

Joesph is more than a Sunday school story.
✝️Genesis 37, 39-50.

His biography is the sum of pain and the promise that God will keep you. He endured family drama and betrayal, child trafficking, growing up without a father, put in prison.
The truth of this matter: We are not here for ourselves. All of the pain is meant to preserve someone else. To allow someone is to live, to thrive, to succeed.

In Genesis 45, Joesph tells his brothers three different times, “God sent me to preserve you.”

Everybody is here for someone else. The greatest Biblical and cultural shifts in history were derived from pain. We may not understand why we had to go through it and the answer may not come for generations, but know it is deliverance. It is the promise of an answered prayer for another.

Be encouraged sis. The pain you go through now, is giving you the strength you’ll need later. Somebody needs you to keep pushing though.

What encouragement would you give to a woman going though a painful situation right now?

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