Our Story

When our founder, Robin Smith, wrote Perfumed Letters, she lit a spark that ignited our creativity and burning desire to serve Christ. What we realized is that many fragrance brands and fragrance houses were selling a vision of lust, desire, and want of sexually objectifying a woman's body and yet none of them were looking inwards at themselves. No one was looking to allow inner beauty, faith, and belief to blossom for the whole world to see. Creating a range of faith-base luxury fragrances became our passion, and we’ve never looked back since.  


Discovering Your Signature Scent

Every daughter of Christ has it deep within her to create a relationship with Him that allows her to bloom. She can be beautiful, unique, of substance and connected to her faith without having to bow to the status quo offered by other fragrance houses.


What she needs is someone to shine a light on her path so she can journey towards her own captivating scent. It should be distinctive and created for her so she can deepen her relationship with Christ in every area of her life.


Royalty Rooted in Faith

We strive to revitalize the ancient art of blending fragrances and combine our new approach with a luxurious white glove experience for all of our clientele. By creating niche perfume and handcrafted Christian gifts that speak for themselves, we aim to provide the touch of royalty only upscale scents provide. All you have to do is step forward into your faith and express yourself in the light of Christ.


Our Promise to You

Nothing should stop you building the relationship and making the connection your life is now focused on. To make it happen we’ve created a distinguished range featuring dozens of fragrances — each one designed to allow you to diffuse His knowledge wherever life takes you. 

We promise our scents will deepen the meaning of your journey with Him.


Robin Smith, 

Founder, Tabahani Fragrances

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