The Mini Retreat Sachet

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You're going to love this discovery set!  The Mini Retreat Sachet is the complete sampling of all 17 fragrances in our perfume collection.  Scents are prepared in three purple satin sachets. 

  1. The Garden (woody/earthy)
  2. Beauty for Ashes (soft floral)
  3. Gentle Spirit (light/airy/fresh/sweet)
  4. Radiance (citrusy/fruity/bright)
  5. Midnight Praise (tropical/spice/bold)
  6. Loved (fruity)
  7. Flourish (oriental/bold)
  8. Aurora of Excellence (sweet/floral)
  9. Sunrise to Sunset (tropical/spicy/sweet)
  10. Grace & Mercy (soft/light/fresh)
  11. Royal & Regal (bold/floral/fruity)
  12. Milk & Honey (warm/sweet/mild)
  13. Twelve Pearls (earthy/soft)
  14. Heaven's Dew (soft/airy/fresh)
  15. Faith (bold/tropical/spice)
  16. Pure Heart (floral)
  17. Ecclesia (oriental/spiced-floral)

Each sample vial is 3ml. 

Carrier oil: coconut oil